• Undertow (group show) LITM, Jersey City, NJ July 2017
  • Bayonne Art Circle Spring Show Bayonne Community Museum April 2016
  • Witchery (group show) LITM, Jersey City, NJ October 2015
  • RAW Artists: Awakenings (group show) Reign, Hoboken, NJ February 2014
  • Moving forward: Three NYC Painters YWCA, Brooklyn, NY May 2003
  • Will Paint for Food (group Show) The Stanton St. Settlement, NYC, NY September 2002



Lovecraftian Tales: Stories of Weird Fiction & Cosmic Horror | http://www.lovecraftezine.com

Freelance Illustrator

Volume 1 - “Prisoners of an Invisible Labrynth” June 2017

Yellow Mama | http://blackpetalsks.tripod.com/yellowmama/index.html June 2009 – Present

Freelance Illustrator

Issue #15 “Sciaphobia”

Issue #17 “Cloth”

Issue #18 “Beyond the Veil”

Issue #21 “The Pewter Badge”

Issue #22 “Getting It”

Issue #25 "Demons"

Issue #29 "For Rutina"

Issue #33 "Patron Saint of Schmucks"

Issue #34 "Girls Want To Have Fun"

Issue #36 "Filthy As The Night Is Long"

Issue #38 "Ifidaonly"

Issue #40 "A Princess Gone"

Issue #41 "Look At Me"

Issue #42 "Moon Pie"

Issue #43 "It's Company Policy"

Issue #45 “Party School”

Issue #47 “Ballad of Bobby Wilson”

Issue #50 “The Tree House”

Issue #52 “The Dog Days October”

Issue #53 “Christmas In The City”

Issue #54 “The Cat Who Dropped In”

Issue #56 “Fint Hills”

Issue #58 “Blood of the Covenant”

Issue #60 “What Men Show Whores”

Issue #62 “Alibi, Inc.”

Last Writes #1, Acronym Comics, MA May 2006


"Spectrum 5" A juried competition for non-mainstream and fantastic art 1998

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